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About us

iData is a leading data service provider in China. Since its inception in 2014, iData has continued to provide professional and reliable data collection, data fusion, data analysis and data management services for enterprises, institutions and individuals.

In order to enable enterprises and individual users to use more convenient services, iData realizes the interface between data products and data services, and provides professional data services to users around the world through the iData data market launched in 2017.

Company Products

At present, the iData data market has launched more than 1,300 data products and more than 50 data analysis products (intelligence data interfaces such as part-of-speech analysis, entity identification, sentiment analysis, and opinion mining), covering 30,000 website platforms and mobile APP platforms worldwide. Covers seven categories: social, e-commerce, news, business, pan-entertainment, POI and innovative entrepreneurial applications.

Company Vision

The mission and vision of iData is to provide users with the most professional and reliable data services at the lowest cost and highest efficiency, helping more teams to incubate more data products.

Industry Achievements

In 2017, the iData team achieved excellent results in the Artificial Intelligence Global Innovation Invitational, which was recognized by the industry to the greatest extent, which strengthened our determination to do a good job in data services.