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About us

IData is a SaaS platform independently developed by the company in the field of big data.

At present, IDA TA platform has provided tens of thousands of users with professional big data services.

The company hopes to enable users systems and applications in the IT field like Amazon Web service in the future.

Company Products

At present, the iData data market has launched more than 1,300 data products and more than 50 data analysis products (intelligence data interfaces such as part-of-speech analysis, entity identification, sentiment analysis, and opinion mining), covering 30,000 website platforms and mobile APP platforms worldwide. Covers seven categories: social, e-commerce, news, business, pan-entertainment, POI and innovative entrepreneurial applications.

Company Vision

The mission and vision of iData is to provide users with the most professional and reliable data services at the lowest cost and highest efficiency, helping more teams to incubate more data products.

Industry Achievements