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Data Collection

The intelligent cloud crawler is based on a self-developed distributed data collection engine covering 30,000 website platforms and 500 mobile apps worldwide. Enterprises in various industries can use their own advantages and imaginations to develop their own big data applications with rich and varied data. Subversion of the traditional Internet data capture method, through the call of the standard Internet data interface to complete the data collection work, to solve the problem of data cleaning troubles, reptile maintenance and other issues.

At present, the average daily continuous update of billions of article data information, more than 500,000 hotels, 10 million room types information With world-leading data collection capabilities.

Data Fusion

In the process of collecting big data, there will be cases where the data structures of different platforms of the same type are not uniform. iData intelligent data fusion, in the acquisition process, according to the type of acquisition platform, select the appropriate pre-defined data structure to adapt, realize the intelligent heterogeneous fusion of the same type of platform, standardize the data structure, greatly reduce the customer's data Difficulty in cleaning, convenient system docking, and developer docking.

Data Analysis

Provide technical support for big data operations through data analysis and mining frameworks such as Hadoop, Spark, and TensorFlow. Realize statistical analysis of data, provide a variety of advanced statistical analysis models, can perform complex advanced statistics as needed, and can display data at multiple levels and multiple angles to support visualization of data analysis. Based on the algorithm model of independent intellectual property rights, realize various functions of text mining, including structured processing of unstructured text data on the Internet, intelligent extraction of functions such as entities, keywords, topics, sentiment orientations and article categories, accuracy rate Up to %90 or more.

Data Management

Based on the current popular EFK (Elasticsearch, Filebeat, KIbana) to achieve data management and monitoring, distributed storage of Internet big data, improve fault tolerance and concurrency, and suitable for the integration of Internet heterogeneous big data, that is, the data is stored into a unified JSON (JavaScript Object Notation). JSON is a standardized, lightweight, Internet-wide data exchange format that enables visual monitoring of data logs and 7*24 hours of data monitoring.

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